January 23, 2016

Our Process

Our Process

The first step of the project is to plan, plan, plan. I ask questions and help you set priorities. I help you focus on the goals you want to achieve for your website.

I plan your web presence in depth before designing or building anything. Then I will be able to work around your budget and let you know what your cost will be. I will figure costs for setting up your site, including domain, server, and what your site will be needing. If you have your own that will be considered when doing the figures, so that you have a firm cost for your site. No fuzzy numbers, no hourly quotes. (Yes, we think this is a good idea too).

Then we build your website – Customized for you! 🙂

Together we will design the best possible plan within your budget.
After our design phase is finished, I will send you a link to your site, from there you will have visual and will be able to work with me over the phone any changes you would have made. Or you can just wait it out until the site is finished what ever you like.
Before we get started, we interview you to gather branding requirements, creative goals and overall style/concept. That information is compiled into a Creative Brief document which becomes the guidepost for my Creative Team.

I will be gathering any photos or logos you have and checking what else is needed for your website.

Any modifications can be taken care of at this step.

As soon as the website is ready, we provide training so that you can learn to manage your website. DigitalPam provides free training, so that you can log in and use your online tools if you need any updates to your website. Or you can email me; I am available for updates for a small price.

Your website is tested, reviewed, and tested again. Once we are sure you’ll be happy with my work, your new website takes about 2 weeks or less depending on the site; larger sites might take more time.

The DigitalPam process is the result of over a decade of hands-on planning and building websites.

After testing and review, we present your new website. Upon your approval, your website will be promoted and optimized for search engines such as Google & Yahoo.

A successful launch is just the beginning.

We will work with you to create a content marketing strategy that drives leads, converts visitors, and points toward your goals.

Now that you have a beautiful, user-friendly website, it’s time to start generating leads through Inbound Marketing.

Marketing is a process, not a project – and a well-defined plan helps you map out where lead generation starts and how it flows through your system so that it converts to a new customer, member, or donor.

DigitalPam will interview you to uncover some key objectives. Then we create and execute an Inbound Marketing System that includes prioritized organizational objectives and conversion points, content creation (blogs, downloads, videos), landing page and CTA building, prospect list building and much more.